Ready to scale your blog traffic and make more money?
So tell me… does this sound like you?

You've built your food blog and you're ready to refine your content strategy to elevate your reach even further.

You're seeing boosts in traffic and you're ready to scale to that next level of growth.

You're looking to up your SEO game and streamline your processes so you can make more money and create the efficient blog business of your dreams.


Imagine scaling your food blog traffic and making more money in your sleep. Itʼs totally possible.
Hola! Iʼm Jamie

Miami native, a passionate first‒generation Latina, Cuban espresso lover, and a multi-six-figure digital entrepreneur.

In a past life, I was climbing the corporate ladder, equipped with a business degree, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit that had seen its fair share of not-so-great business attempts.

I found myself at a career crossroads in 2016 and decided to step away from my 9-5 to figure out my next move. Shortly thereafter, I launched my food blog, A Sassy Spoon, and realized I had a true passion for digital entrepreneurship.

Fast forward to today, I've transformed my food blog into a sustainable and profitable multi-six-figure business.

Now, my mission is to guide established food bloggers down this same path.
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Let me show you...

In 2017, one year after I started, I scaled my food blog from 7,265 monthly page views to 268,643 monthly page views in 11 months.

That's when it all changed for me. I felt like I finally cracked the food blogging code!

Through the years, I've stayed the course even when it seemed impossible to break through page view plateaus, Google algorithm updates, and the constant changes in the market and the digital landscape.

Using SEO and content systems, I've scaled my food blog into a profitable & sustainable multi-six-figure business.

And this is just one income stream!

I was once where you are right now...

Don't let the highlight reel fool you.

While there are no shortcuts, hidden secrets, "get rich quick" schemes or magic formulas for success in this blogging game...

It is still absolutely possible for you to scale your existing food blog traffic with the right SEO & content strategy.

And I'm here to simplify it all for you so you don't waste any more time.


  • Feeling so CONFIDENT with your content strategy that you know exactly what type of content aligns with your EEAT and builds topical authority to generate sustainable blog traffic.
  • Gaining CLARITY on how to optimize & configure your food blog for SEO the right way so you can rank higher in search results, attract your target audience, and drive traffic on autopilot.
  • Feeling IN CONTROL of all the moving parts of your blogging workflow so you can finally stop procrastinating and actually get sh!t done without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or lost without direction.
  • Making BOSS MOVES with your profitable food blog, seeing all your hard work pay off, successfully making money online, scaling, hiring, working with dream brands, enjoying the freedom & flexibility that comes with being your own boss, and just living the dream.
Not only is all of this possible, but I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.
The Food Blogger Business Blueprint
The course for established food bloggers looking to revamp their content strategy, improve their SEO, and streamline their workflows so they can scale their blog traffic and increase their revenue.
The Food Blogger Business Blueprint is everything you need to:
  • Craft the perfect-for-your-niche content plan that builds topical authority & aligns with your EEAT.
  • Implement systems that will help you stay consistent and get more done in less time.
  • Meet your massive blog traffic goals, attract your target audience, and make more money.
Why Iʼm different

I've scaled my food blog into a profitable multi-six-figure business and have sustained it for the last 7+ years without relying on social media.

I teach you how to build strong topical authority to break through any looming page view plateaus, optimize your blog using up-to-date SEO strategies, and implement content systems that drive traffic on autopilot.

I am 100% results-driven and care about the efforts you make to move the needle forward. I'm not here to waste your time and energy. 

Food Blogger Business Blueprint was designed and created for food bloggers by a food blogger who *gets it*. I have the receipts. No fluff, no bs. This course will save you time, effort, and years of frustration.

Are you a good fit?


  • You have a self-hosted ( blog and have been blogging consistently for at least 1 year. This is not recommended for new bloggers or if you haven't started your blog yet.
  • You understand that it can take Google 1 year or more to index your blog posts depending on how long you've been blogging so building sustainable blog traffic will take time. There are no shortcuts.
  • You've been looking for a clear, no-fluff strategy, and step-by-step blueprint specifically for food bloggers so you can scale your blog traffic and increase your revenue.

If you have questions about whether or not this course is right for you, please reach out via Instagram @thejamiesilva or via email [email protected] before completing your purchase.


Hereʼs whatʼs waiting for you inside Food Blogger Business Blueprint


Revamping Your Content Strategy

  • Learn how to revamp your content strategy beyond chasing keywords so it aligns with your niche and builds your topical authority. (P.S. This is exactly what Google is looking for to rank food blogs high in search results)

  • Discover my easy-to-grasp keyword research process to find the right keywords that you can actually rank for and build sustainable blog traffic over time.
  • Understand how to properly format blog posts, where to add keywords, and how to optimize & revive existing blog posts for SEO opportunities.

Optimizing with SEO

  • Understand Tech SEO so you can optimize your WordPress with the right setup & plugins and never drown in tech overwhelm again.
  • Master On-Page SEO tactics so you can optimize your content according to Google's latest guidelines and properly format your blog posts to rank higher in organic search results.
  • Learn how to boost your E-E-A-T so you stand out from generic AI-generated content and build trust & authority with Google and your readers.

Systematizing Your Workflows

  • Learn how to improve the efficiency of your food blog business with streamlined systems & workflows.
  • Grab my easy-to-import Asana project templates to set up your Blog HQ so you can FINALLY stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.
  • Access my Content Workflow System so you can consistently plan, prep, batch, and create recipes while staying organized with managing and publishing content.
  • Steal the exact Email Marketing System that has helped me attract & retain over 12,000 subscribers and promote my blog posts on autopilot.

Monetizing & Scaling

  • Master your money mindset by learning how to shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset so you can finally feel worthy of success.
  • Figure out the monetization strategy and income streams that best align with you so you can secure the bag on your own terms.
  • Steal my exact formula for how to structure your rates so you never leave any money on the table. (guac is extra honey and so are you!)
  • Learn how to build (and scale!) a sustainable blog business that will keep you profitable all year long.
You’ll also be 100﹪ supported every step of the way with the following...

Monthly Q&A Support

👩🏻‍💻  Got questions? Of course, you do! Each month, Jamie will answer all your submitted questions and share updates on the latest SEO trends. These sessions are released the first week of every month.

You can listen on your own time or quickly skip to your timestamped question. No need to stress about time zones or rush to catch a live call. It's a total win-win!

$2000 VALUE


Worksheets, Templates, and Checklists

To help you implement everything from FBBB faster, you'll have instant access to:

✔️ Content Plan Generator Tool
✔️ Keyword Research & Tracking Worksheet
✔️ Easy-to-import Asana Project Templates
✔️ Blog Post Audit Checklist
✔️ SEO & E-E-A-T Checklists
✔️ Email Planning Worksheet
✔️ Content Creator Rate Calculator
...and more!

$697 VALUE


Food Blogging Resources Hub

From essential WordPress plugins to tools, software, services, equipment, and more, you'll get instant access to my master list of blogging resources!

👉🏻  Everything I recommend in this master list I've personally used to make my business a massive success. Now's your turn to your get hands on it!

$697 VALUE

Plus you'll get instant access to over $3,500 in bonuses to make scaling your food blog traffic even easier.

Done-For-You Blog Stats Dashboard

📊  GA4 is complicated AF for no reason so food bloggers are missing the OG Universal Analytics.

That's why I created this plug-and-play Blog Stats Dashboard so you can easily grab the template, connect it to your GA4 account, and instantly track all your blog traffic on ONE PAGE.

$597 VALUE


Digital Filing System

A streamlined, cloud-based digital filing system to easily access all your files from anywhere and from any device.

📁 Learn how to set up and organize all your docs inside Google Drive including your Blog HQ hub, Brand Partnerships folders, etc.

 📁 Connect your Google Drive to Lightroom and set it up with proper export settings to easily access your recipe photos from ANYWHERE.

$597 VALUE


The Process Shot Lab

Did you know that Image SEO is a thing too?

📸  This video training will uncover the secrets for enhancing your user experience and boosting your SEO rankings with the visual instructions in your blog posts according to Google's latest guidelines so you can stand out from all the AI-generated images out there.

$497 VALUE


Tech Tutorials Library

📊 Say goodbye to tech overwhelm! This digital library of step-by-step video trainings will walk you through how to configure WordPress plugins and set up essential tools so your food blog business runs successfully.

✔️ Keysearch for Keyword Research
✔️ Promoting with Google Web Stories
✔️ Configuring WP Recipe Maker
✔️ Configuring Yoast SEO plugin
✔️ Using ChatGPT for Faster Blog Post Writing
✔️ Understanding Google Search Console
...and more!

$997 VALUE


The Masterclass Vault

Get instant access to The Masterclass Vault so you can learn from industry experts including:

Ansley Beutler, CPA - Let's Talk Food Blog Financials
Liz Falcigno - Affiliate Marketing For Food Bloggers
Chelsea Cole - How To Self-Publish A Cookbook
⭐ Sam Adler - Reviving & Growing Her Baking Blog To 100K Page Views
Madison Wetherill - Using Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress
Jessie Johnson - How To Land BIG Brand Contracts (Beyond Sponsored Work)
Isabel Orozco - How To Create Recipe Videos with Isabel Eats
Goli Kalkhoran from Lessons From A Quitter - Let's Talk Mindset
...and more!

$997 VALUE

What past students are saying...
There has never been a better time to 10X your blog traffic and make more money.
Join the Food Blogger Business Blueprint and receive:
  • Lifetime* Access to Curriculum ($2997 value)
  • 12 Months of Community & Q&A Support with Jamie ($2000 value)
  • Special Alumni Pricing on 1:1 Services ($2000 value)
  • Worksheets, Templates & Checklists ($697 value)
  • Food Blogging Resources Hub ($697 value)
  • BONUS: GA4 Blog Stats Dashboard ($597 value)
  • BONUS: Digital Filing System ($597 value)
  • BONUS: Tech Tutorials Video Library ($997 value)
  • BONUS: The Process Shot Lab ($497 value)
  • BONUS: The Masterclass Vault ($997 value) 
Thatʼs over $10,000 in total value. 🤯







*Please note that lifetime access refers to the life existence of the core curriculum and bonuses only. Additionally, should the course be updated, you’ll receive all future updates at no extra cost.

Imagine where you'll be 6 months from now. Will you have 6 months of excuses or 6 months of progress?

The choice is yours.
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